Current affairs [24-09-2022] (english medium)

Today we have given the Current affairs test for the tnpsc exam preparation students. it is easy to attend the online tests with your confidentiality. share with your friends to attend the test to get a good score in the tnpsc exams. today test  is given below


Current affairs (english medium)

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Which International Airport is to be named after Shaheed Bhagat Singh?

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To celebrate the 75th Indian Independence, the Indian Navy has sent naval ships to all except

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Which one bagged the first prize in the overall category in the Coal Ministers award 2021-2022?

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Dahi-Handi’ will be recognized as an official sport in

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India’s first geothermal energy project will be setup at

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The Geographical Indication Tag product Mithila Makhana belongs to

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Which bank has launched India’s first one-stop solution portal for Electric Vehicles Ecosystem, “All things EV”?

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India’s first commercial space situational awareness observatory will be set up

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Which country’s scientists have developed the world's first synthetic embryo outside the womb?

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The Central Zonal Council does not include which of the following state?

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